Let The Training Begin. . .


There’s something about being outside that awakens my soul. The noise and smell around me gives me energy to keep pushing through. 

Time is something I value now more than ever. I am looking forward to the nothingness in Iceland. There will be no sense of urgency. I know there will be times of silence with just the sound of my tired feet, and heavy breathing. I have been waiting for these moments since things have been a little heavy recently. I don’t like to be sad, or down... I’m saving it for the Ring Road. I will #FindTheRingRoad I will #FIND so much there. I know I will find sadness, anger, and the feeling of being so little in such a big world. I am looking forward to allowing myself to be vulnerable, and to process what’s been going on. I will allow the tears to flush over me and my squad to emotionally carry me through these times. I also know I will find closure, and fulfillment. I know I will find pain but the pain will subside. I know I will find more about myself than I knew before. I know I will find more trust in my team than ever. I know I will find @jessicalynn85 courage to keep moving forward and not be afraid. I know I will find @kingboz23 inspiration to lead and conquer. I know I will find @courtyquinn strength to never quit. I know I will find @pumpfit_paulo love and support to be the woman I need to be to complete this mission.

My plan is to bike 83 miles and run 20.5 miles every day for 8 days. I have been training so hard, focusing on nutrition, and “preparing” as much as I can for such an epic journey. I am thankful for @nordictrack and their undying support.

I am taking action with the most inspiring group of humans that have fought a battle that most couldn’t. We are going to fight his battle together. We are going to take action to release our pain in a way that will positively impact the lives of people that are fighting a similar battle.

I can’t wait to document the entire journey and allow you guys to experience it with us. Your support will encourage me all the way xo