Day 3: WE HIT 100 MILES! We started off planning roughly 100-120 miles per day but you know what happens when you make a plan. Got to show my team some beautiful landmarks that I had the pleasure of seeing when I was here last month and it was incredible to experience that together as a squad and watch the expressions on their faces as they took in the scenery. Today I finally got my head in the zone and got in “my place” and just cruised. Feeling good, neck is slightly sore, lower back, legs obviously but overall I feel great. Fought through a little nausea as I ended the evening but ginger pills and an IV of saline did wonders. Keeping my mind in focus by remembering why I’m here. To raise funds for Serene Soldier, Inc., a non-profit foundation in memory of my dear friend Jessica,  to help provide positive Christmas experiences for other families going through terminal cancer around Christmas, which was her birthday. Thinking of you Jess, every mile, every minute, you’re in my mind. Jess and all the other dear angels I’ve received emails about and for you badasses still fighting on. You keep me going, if you can do what you do everyday then I can do this for you.