We could say it’s all sunshine and rainbows and magical times but that’s never how reality is and you know our motto, no redos no retakes. We started off the day on time for once but then everything else has been on the rocks for most of the day. Emotions and tensions run high in a small space and with so much at steak. We went 12 miles in the wrong direction this evening which was totally our fault (the support crew) because we just plain old dropped the ball and were in a daze after days of this but that’s no excuse. Hannah took a hard spill on the mountain bike on gravel roads with her clips on and we weren’t behind her. But at the end of the day you live and you learn, mistakes made are lessons learned, and tomorrow we will carry on thankful for our health, the sunshine in the sky, and grateful that we have the opportunity to be able to tackle something such as we are.