And just like that... It was over.

I was able to trick my mind into believing that I could bike and run 828.6 miles around the Ring Road of Iceland and because I truly believed it... I did it. I learned so much on this mission. Here are some of my biggest takeaways.

Firstly, I discovered that everything begins in your mind. If your mind believes, your body will follow... When my mind focused on fatigue or pain I would feel more fatigue and my pain levels would heighten. Then I tried a trick, I kept repeating the opposite to what I was feeling… It became a funny joke amongst the team. “I’m fine, everything is ALL good, today is going to be a GREAT day, my body feels great, I can do this, I got this 100%, I’m PUMPED for today” all of these thoughts were the scrutinizing enemy of the truth but fuck… I had no other option so I had to try. Low and behold, it worked. I focused on the positive and shut out the negative. My body began to cooperate and my mind pushed through the lows and thrived on the highs. So I say again, it all begins in your mind. You must TRULY believe, and then take action.

I also learned that no one is going to do it for you. Only you can make it happen. When I was exhausted or feeling low, I constantly kept trying to find things or people to blame as to why I felt that way. I was always looking for someone or something to pick me up and start again… What I learned is that no-one will ever do it for you. If you want or need to do something you have to get shit done yourself. When the going gets tough, your mind will be the first one to try and quit and then your body and actions will follow. During the toughest times, you must put yourself in the right state of mind to move forward with excellence and unleash your fullest potential. I discovered this on a tough day, when everything was working against me. The winds were coming head on and the weather was so wet and gross. The terrain appeared to only be going up hill and the cars were reckless. I wanted to cry, more than ever. I wanted to quit and “sit the weather out” but a gigantic wave of frustration came over me. Not the kind of frustration that makes you wanna quit but the kind of frustration that makes you want to overcome the adversity that surrounds you. I decided to practice what I preach. I decided to become my own coach. I was alone out there and like I said before, no one is going to do it for you. So I got my shit together and spoke out loud to myself (borderline crazy I know). I told myself EVERYTHING that I tell other people and I was on FIRE. I discovered in that moment that I needed to be my own coach. I know what I need so I told myself exactly what I wanted to hear. I used tough love and I got shit done. I had WAY more in me than my mind would allow me to experience. I overcame all my fears, smiled at the pain, danced in the rain, and then laughed at every hill that I had to face. Things worked out a lot better that way. I feel accomplished. I feel like I left so much shit on that road. I feel alive again. I feel ready to be exactly who I meant to be. I am ready to be unstoppable.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of my sponsors on this insane mission, I wouldn't have accomplished this without you.

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