Hannah Eden will run and cycle 826.8 miles around Ring Road in Iceland. Her mission is to honor Jessica's life and fight for the battle against cancer. 


The pain and suffering that so many people have to face while battling through cancer is devastating. Not only for the individual fighting the terrible disease but for the entire family and friends close to the situation. I watched this happen and the worst part is there is nothing you can do or say to take that pain away or to change the outcome. All we can do is love and support as best we can. 


What I do know though is that cancer is not kind. Cancer does not disappear during the times that are supposed to be merry and filled with joy! In fact, cancer makes these times unbearably painful and sad. Jessica’s Birthday was on Christmas Day. Every year used to be full of joy and happiness till the cancer struck. Our mission is to find families that are battling through terminal colon cancer and make their day better. If we can provide an experience, gift, or memory that will form a smile then our job is done. 


Action speaks louder than words. This is me taking action for those that cannot.

Together we are stronger and I know we can make a difference. xo